In Gebhard we trust

In reality, not much is changing at Gebhard, because cleanliness has always been our top priority (in addition to the wine and enjoyment).

Let us assure you of one thing in advance: the measures to be followed will not reduce your holiday enjoyment.

All areas - restaurant, lounge and wellness - are open. We have adjusted the cancellation policy. Bookings can be cancelled free of charge up to 14 days before arrival.

General informations


  • 1 meter safety distance to employees and other guests wherever possible
  • Please wear mouth-nose-protection in the hotel (you can take off your mouth-nose protection at the table)
  • Our staff always wear mouth-nose-protection or visors when in contact with guests
  • Disinfection of all areas is carried out more often
  • Disinfection dispensers in all important areas

Detailed information


  • Our staff will show you to your table
  • Before entering, please disinfect hands using the dispensers provided for this purpose
  • You will find a disinfection dispenser in front of the buffet. Please disinfect your hands each time you go to the buffet.


  • You will find disinfection dipensers in the entrance area and other central points.
  • High-touch-points are regularly disinfected by our cleaning team (e.g. doorknobs, elevator buttons, reception surfaces, credit card terminals)
  • Room cards (key cards) or cable car cards (SUPER. SUMMER. CARD.) are always disinfected after they have been returned
  • Frequent ventilation of the rooms


  • High-Touch-Points are disinfected daily (door handles, window handles, light switches, remote control, safe, telephone, sink fittings, shower fittings, surfaces).
  • In every room you will find a hand disinfectant
  • Cleaners usually work in the same rooms / floors every day
  • Daily ventilation of the rooms (please also ventilate yourself before you leave the room).


  • In our saunas, we ask that you only take a sauna with people who belong to your family or friends. Our saunas are open from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.. You can also use the wellness area outside of these times upon request.
  • Please disinfect your hands at the entrance

Subject to possible changes. We will adjust our guidelines and measures if there are appropriate legal requirements.